Download YouTube Vanced Mod apk Premium v17.35.38 Unlocked Background Play [No Ads]

Download YouTube Vanced Mod apk Premium v17.35.38 Unlocked Background Play [No Ads]

Introducing YouTube.Youtube Premium mod+apk download: It is one of the world's largest video-sharing communities, and has been around for years. Unlike other microblogging apps like TikTok and Bigo, Y

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Name Youtube Premium
Publisher Google LLC
Genre Apps
Size 69 mb
Version 17.35.38
Update 7 july 2022
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Youtube Premium is the most famous version in the Youtube Premium series of publisher
Mod Version 17.35.38
Total installs 10,000,000,000+

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Introducing YouTube.

Youtube Premium mod+apk download: It is one of the world’s largest video-sharing communities, and has been around for years. Unlike other microblogging apps like TikTok and Bigo, YouTube is more like a universal archive, collecting videos of all kinds and genres without restrictions on duration or content. As a result, download the Youtube vanced premium apk and you will undoubtedly become one of the most popular on the planet.

Youtube premium Vanced manager mod apk
YouTube Vanced Mod apk

MOD has the following features:

Access to Youtube Premium Features is Always Free.

  • Background play feature unlocked: This is a feature that many have been waiting for since the early days of YT’s development. YouTube is sometimes used as an alternative to an MP3 player. Unless the phone’s screen is constantly unlocked, the movie will automatically pause. The background music function was born as a result of this development. It is part of the premium package. Monthly or yearly fees will be required for a better experience. Meanwhile, our Premium APK version provides a free alternative for anyone.
  • Ad-free videos unlocked: Having to deal with ads is something that no one enjoys. Inserting advertisements in the middle of video clips is possible. You’ll have to deal with an ad popping up and interrupting your video because of this. Ads have been removed from the youtube Premium APK download.

MOD (Modified) APK of Youtube Vanced application

Here’s a look at Youtube Premium download, which you can get by clicking the MOD APK version download button. In this post, I’ll go through the features and benefits of the Premium version that we have to offer.

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You may download YT vanced Mod APK for free.

Are there any free options for adding these pro features to your device and syncing them with your profile? Using the Youtube vanced Mod Apk Unlocked, you may be able to avoid paying for the service. However, there is a cost associated with all of this as well.

There will be repercussions if you are found to be making use of YouTube’s premium services when your account has no paid activity. The first thing that will happen is that your account will be permanently disabled, and you will no longer be able to use Google services.

As a result, please exercise caution when using this App, as we cannot be held liable for any damage it may cause. You can now download the YouTube Premium Mod APK on your Android device. Start enjoying ad-free music and videos, as well as offline and background amusements, right away!

Different Types of Premium Youtube Application

More than one different version of YT android applications is available in the market. All the applications come with both Youtube’s free and premium subscriptions.

Main Youtube application: 

All videos may be downloaded and viewed offline. The standard version of YouTube has a long list of videos that cannot be downloaded for offline viewing. It is, therefore, possible to keep every video that is available on your mobile device as soon as you become a premium user.

Ad-free viewing of videos is now possible. All of the popular platform’s millions of pieces of content are at your fingertips. Ad-free content means that you won’t have to deal with interruptions while watching your favourite videos.

In the background, you can now play video clips. You can instantly start monitoring all your views in the background as you multitask if you aren’t already able to. When you don’t have the time to view all the videos available, this is an excellent function to have. Alternatively, perhaps you should do a little more homework before viewing.

Youtube for Kids:

In terms of the popular youtube app’s child-friendly version, one feature is shared with the others — ad-free videos. A misplaced ad or interruption won’t ever upset your children when they are viewing their child’s show. One of the most welcome enhancements is the ability to watch films without being interrupted by ads. This is true for all users, regardless of their age.

Youtube Music Application:

It is possible to listen to your music without an internet connection as well. This is ideal for lengthy car journeys or travels, as well as when you’re studying or working out and don’t have access to WiFi.

First of All, the Music area will have a fresh look and feel. Your favourite songs and jams are all at your fingertips. Thanks to the App’s easy-to-use interface.

You may now again listen to music without interruption from commercials.

With Download YouTube Music Premium Apk, you may enjoy ad-free music.

It’s also possible to have music playing in the background. If you’re a fan of YouTube Music, this is like a dream come true. Users throughout the world are still baffled as to why background listening isn’t included in the free version of the App. This is something you only get with the premium edition. The finest things in life come with a price tag.

An impressive collection of features: Youtube Vanced Mod apk

Here is a complete list of the YT app’s features:

Join the YouTube online community and have more fun as you watch videos :

There are also new features available for individuals who want to communicate with other users on the platform while they watch their favourite video content. You’ll be able to simply join in on the conversation in the video or live stream’s Comment Sections with other viewers. In addition, you can comment on your favourite artists’ postings, stories, and other content. Now that you can learn about other people’s views and contribute your own, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite videos in a new way.

Although there is a video-sharing community, it is highly regulated:

Even if you or a company of your own choice posts content to YouTube, it is subject to review. Unless it has a valid operating license or contains pirated or inappropriate content, it will be removed quickly after that.

Occasionally, you set up a YouTube channel and post your videos there. Even if you are not in violation of the policy, YouTube may send you reminders if it receives an excessive number of reports. So, make sure you know exactly what you’re trying to convey to your audience.

Upgrade to YouTube Premium to have access to more features:

Google also offers YouTube Premium application services to subscribers in some countries to ensure that they can get the most out of YT’s great mobile App. Subscriptions are now available, allowing you to take advantage of a plethora of wonderful benefits while watching films. Start by removing any unnecessary advertising from your videos so that you can enjoy steady video streaming. Save your favourite videos so that you may enjoy them when you’re not connected to the internet. Even when the screen is turned off, or you exit the App, you may play videos with only the audio. This is a really helpful feature. With your Premium subscription, you’ll also get access to YouTube Music Premium’s incredible features. This makes it possible to access the most recent web source to listen to high-quality soundtracks and their various versions.

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A search function that is useful and powerful:

Search is a powerful feature available to Android users on YouTube, allowing them to find material from a variety of sources with ease. Type in your favourite keywords and press the search button to let the sophisticated search engine find all relevant content, starting with the nearest results so that you can watch and enjoy them immediately. Android users will be able to rapidly navigate through a list of comprehensive search results and find the video content they want. Thanks to YouTube’s excellent filter options as well. All of these measures are taken to ensure that you may view the content for which you searched. Youtube premium mod apk download.

The App’s user interface is simple and easy to use:

Android YouTube viewers may get started right away with the easy-to-use mobile app apk. You may easily find videos that fit your interests directly from the App’s home screen, which features a clear, sleek, and intuitive UI. For additional information, you may also search through the App’s menus to find videos or access other useful features. Also, feel free to alter the theme’s options to suit your tastes. You may watch YouTube videos whenever you want, thanks to the easy-to-use user interface.

Explore the huge video library at your own pace:

If you’re interested, you may now have fun exploring YouTube’s vast video library, which includes billions of videos submitted over the years by both pro and amateur content creators.

You can search for videos in a variety of categories, such as Trending, Music, Gaming, Beauty, News, and Learning, among others. There are thousands of options available on youtube vanced premium mod apk. You can also look through a number of genres, such as Funny, horror, technology, Documentary, and News Updates. As a result, you’ll never run out of interesting things to watch and appreciate!

To make sure you get the greatest information, the app keeps track of your search history and other preferences. Please feel free to receive fast recommendations from top-trending videos from across the world and for your specific location(s).

Enjoy high-resolution, official music videos from the artists:

2005-2011 and 2011-Present are the two distinct time periods throughout which YT has evolved. Right now, YouTube is growing rapidly and is trusted by a large number of individuals and organizations alike. Hence, from brands and new products to music videos of famous singers and bands, YouTube has developed into a strong advertising development platform.

And up until recently, YT has been the go-to video site for all audiences. You can keep up with the latest news about your favourite bands, schedule the release of a new music video, and look up virtually any song or music video on the planet.

Youtube’s Discovery: Youtube Vanced Mod apk

While Facebook’s News Feed is well-known, Instagram’s Explore page is well-maintained. The same as them. In the YouTube vanced Premium Mod Apk’s discovery section, the App’s algorithm tries to show you random YT videos that it thinks you’ll like. The more time you spend listening to old One Direction songs, the more likely it is that Harry Styles will show up in your life.

You can also get more relevant results from YT if you’re watching a lot of the latest Behind the Scenes videos. In the past few months, users of this App have observed that the YouTube Discovery page has gotten a lot better. You can’t deny the pleasure of being understood, even if it comes from a computer.

Utilize our mod to access premium YT content:

YouTube Vanced Mod apk and its advanced features, or the YouTube Premium subscriptions, if you can’t pay for them, can now be enjoyed with our handy apk mod. To make sure you’re entirely satisfied, we provide the unlocked version with advertising removed and many other features. Simply visit our website and download the YouTube Mod APK, then follow the instructions and start enjoying it with many advantages.

Awesome My videos feature to upload videos:

I know you’ll love this App’s video upload feature because it allows you to get the most out of your data plan. Make room in your phone by deleting unnecessary apps. The ability to store short videos is something I use frequently, and I’m not the only one who makes use of it. Additionally, this function is really beneficial when it comes to building your own personal brand on YouTube. If you want to start a YouTube channel and share your videos with the world, you can do so.

Anybody using YouTube can say with confidence that it is a fantastic tool for exchanging video content, conveying your thoughts and feelings, and sharing personal favourites with others. No one can doubt the power YouTube affords us, so are you going to use it?

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Is there a difference between the Youtube Premium mod apk and Youtube Vanced mod apk?

All of the capabilities of YouTube Premium are included in the YouTube Vanced mod apk, which is a Premium YT App with the same basic UI and App design as the subscription-based YouTube. It also includes powerful functions like Audio and Video downloaders straight to phone storage with different resolution support.

The Youtube vanced apk mod has to offer the following-

  1. MicroG for Youtube vanced login.
  2. YT Music premium app.
  3. Youtube Kids premium app.

Is it safe to download and use this App?

A veteran XDA developer has created the app, which is entirely secure. Several anti-virus apps, including Shield, Norton, QH, Avast, and AVG, have scanned the file.

The file is also scanned for harmful code using the emulator and the TurstGo Ad Detector App. This App is safe to download, according to our tests.

What can Youtube premium Vanced Mod Apk do?

  • The UI and functionalities are identical to Google’s YouTube app. In terms of design, the vanced is identical to the YT app.
  • Ad-Blockers Prevent All commercials that are in the form of video. There are no pre-roll, mid-roll, or sponsored adverts because it has an adblocker already installed. Sponsor parts can be skipped with the use of a “skip” button.
  • With the Vanced Youtube premium, you may just listen to music or audio as the video plays in the background.
  • You can use the Picture-in-Picture Mode (PiP) of the pop-up video box to watch a video while simultaneously conducting other chores on your mobile phone. The video can be minimized to a tiny section of your screen so that you can perform other tasks on your smartphone while it is playing. PiP mode is only supported on Android Nougat and higher.
  • You can save videos offline, just as in the original YouTube app. The program does not require root access; thus, it may be used on any Android phone or tablet. The non-root version is also available.
  • With YouTube Vanced App, you may enjoy the App in dark mode. You can use this App in addition to the usual one. You can operate this App at the same time as the original YouTube App. Using YouTube premium Vanced doesn’t require you to delete the default YouTube app.
  • You may force the program to use HDR or Forced HDR, which will increase the video quality significantly. Forced HDR makes it possible to make the YT app use HDR mode by telling it to.
  • Overriding Codec choices like forcing H264 for older devices, it also enables you to force HDR playback or turn off 60fps if you’d rather have a theatrical feel.
  • Customizable settings for the vanced App give you even more control over the video playback and preference settings, buffering options, Swipe control, and video quality settings for WiFi and cellular.
  • Like other video player apps, such as VLC or MX Player, gesture controls allow you to adjust brightness and volume, with configurable padding.
  • The App works flawlessly on Android 4.4 and higher.
  • Run in parallel with the default YouTube app
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Install Vanced Manager

In addition to the YouTube Vanced App, Vanced Manager is a YouTube Vanced Download Manager that can be simply installed without the need for an SAI Installer App. YT Vanced is also permitted on Rooted Devices by the Manager. All in all, it’s one of the finest ways to get the YT Vanced App.
Youtube premium: How to Install Guide

How can I get YouTube Premium for free?

Download and install the YouTube Premium APK through YT Vanced on Android using these simple steps

  • Tip 1: On your Android smartphone, download and install YouTube Vanced and MicroG for Vanced.

Make sure your device’s settings allow you to access content from “Unknown sources.” Change it to “ON” under the Settings – Security – Unknown Sources menu.

  • Tip 2: Open the App once it has been installed to begin using the premium features for free.
  • Tip 3: You may sign in with your Google Account to have the search history you’ve accumulated on YouTube synced with your account on YouTube Premium Vanced automatically.

How to log into YouTube Premium Vanced?

  • Tap Sign in on the youtube Profile icon to log into the App.
  • To create a new Vanced account, click the Add Account button on this page.
  • It’s as simple as clicking Sign in and you’ll be sent to the Google sign-in page in a matter of seconds.
Youtube vanced mod apk microg
log in to Youtube vanced premium
Note: To use your G-Account, you'll need to download a separate APK file called microG. After checking in, you will be sent to the mirror site to download the microG App. Install the Micro G. Now start using the advanced features of the YouTube premium Vanced mod apk download.

Fix Installation and Other Issues:

Here we will guide you for the issues that can occur during/after Youtube premium mod installation-

What to do if the YouTube vanced mod application force closes?

Once you’ve installed both YT Premium Vanced and MicroG, you can try any of the following to fix the problem:

  • Open the YT app and close all other applications.
  • Or, Restart the Phone
  • Or, just delete YT and MicroG and reinstall them one after the other, or you may even reverse the order in which they were installed. Restart the phone. The problem will be solved by this.

What to do if you face a login issue in your YT account?

Note: The Chrome App must be disabled, or Chrome must be uninstalled first if you are unable to log in. Basically, the program is stable, and the only thing we can do if it stops operating is clear the data and cache.

  • Make sure you’ve got the microG App on your phone. No essential functions are carried out by the microG App, although it aids in the usual operation of the App.
  • Make sure you’ve given YouTube all the permissions it needs under Android’s App Settings.
  • Settings → All Apps/Apps/Manage Apps → YouTube App → Permissions (Turn ON All)

Final words: Download Youtube Vanced Apk Mod

We all utilize it on a daily basis and have access to an almost limitless amount of content. If you want to see your favourite celebrity, catch up on the newest program, listen to popular music, watch live streaming or perhaps learn something new, Download YouTube vanced application is the place to go. Even though the App has undergone several revisions over the years, certain problems remain, and others have become increasingly annoying.

Users will like the new features created by the developers. Premium users, on the other hand, have access to most of the App’s fantastic features since they pay a monthly membership price. Many individuals are reluctant to spend money on in-app purchases, so this might be a challenge. Many folks on a tight budget find it nearly impossible to keep up. The YouTube Mod apk, on the other hand, lets you use all of YouTube’s premium features for free.

You don’t have to deal with annoying ads or a lighter theme anymore. It is now possible to take advantage of some of YouTube’s newest features and enjoy your favourite videos and apps in a more convenient manner with the Youtube APK Mod. As a result, complete the instructions outlined above and get the YouTube Premium APK Mod right now.

Note: Make sure to post your questions in the comments below if you have any difficulties installing or using the YouTube vanced APK Mod. We are here to help.

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Faq: Youtube Premium Mod apk

If you still have any query about the Youtube premium (Mod+Apk) vanced app download, below are some FAQs, that will definitely help you understand the same.

Is Youtube vanced premium mod free?

Downloading, installing, and using Premium Mod APK are all completely free of charge. To use all of the App’s features, you don’t have to pay anything or acquire a membership; they are all included in this APK by default.

Can I download videos on my SD card using YT premium?

Using the YouTube Mod APK, you may quickly download your favourite videos. Even if you aren’t connected to the internet, you can go back and view them whenever you want.

Is there any chance to get banned from using google’s services?

No changes are made to the original YouTube App by the YouTube Premium Mod APK download, which runs on your phone or tablet. It does, however, allow you to download copyrighted videos, which is against YouTube’s terms & conditions and is not authorized to do so.

Does the Mod APK also get you access to the YouTube music app?

Yes, once you download and install youtube (vanced) premium mod on your mobile, you can find the YT Music app inside the Vanced Manager app. You have to download it from there.

What are the devices that support the Vanced App?

If you have a Windows PC, Macbook, FireTV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, and any Android smartphone running Android OS version 4.0 or higher, you can use YouTube vanced Premium (APK Mod) to watch videos.

Where can I download the Vanced premium apk?

You don’t need to go anywhere else to get the free download YouTube vanced premium mod APK. If you continue reading this article, you’ll see how to download and install the YT Mod APK below.

Download (69 mb)

You are now ready to download Youtube Premium for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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