Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD+APK v6.56 Download [Unlimited Money]

Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD+APK v6.56 Download [Unlimited Money]

Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD apk: Do you aspire to compete at the highest level? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then the Extreme Car Driving Simulator apk mod with unlimited mo

Android Android 5.0Games
4.3 ( 416 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Genre Games
Size 151.37 MB
Version 6.56.0
Update 22 May 2022
MOD MOD, Unlimited Money
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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the most famous version in the Extreme Car Driving Simulator series of publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Mod Version 6.56.0
Total installs 100,000,000+

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD apk: Do you aspire to compete at the highest level? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then the Extreme Car Driving Simulator apk mod with unlimited money + All cars unlocked is going to be your best option for a simulator game.

Do you find it appealing to see yourself as a racing driver like Toretto Dominic and Brian from the Fast and Furious series? They love the thrill of the race, are always up for an adventure, and have tremendous and powerful personalities.

So, are you ready to go beyond the boundaries of what it means to be a true racer and dance with a car on a road? You should try out Extreme Car Driving Simulator, which is a driving game published by AxesInMotion Racing and is incredibly well-known.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator MODAPK 2022

What is Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD apk (Unlimited money)?

Have you ever had the urge to put your driving skills to the test in a racing sports car simulator? Wanted to break the law by engaging in dangerous activities while travelling at full speed through the streets with the police in hot pursuit? Install this top-notch racing simulation game as soon as possible at no cost. The developers of extreme car driving simulator mod apk have provided you with an entire city in which you may engage in high-speed racing thanks to the game’s sophisticated and accurate physics engine.

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The driving simulation game Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a fantastic option for android users. Drive vehicles that have a driving system that is true to life. This game has excellent quality of destruction and flawless implementation of physics. The graphics have undergone extensive optimization, and every aspect of the game has been polished to perfection. You can even make out the specifics of the destruction and damage done to the car. Unlock the sports car, and proceed with caution.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator MODAPK Unlimited Money

You may essentially buy anything from the garage now that you have access to Unlimited money in Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD apk. You can also improve your car’s engine, wheels, and other components.

You have complete freedom behind the wheel, and you can compete against other players from all around the world. When you crash a car, realistic car damage data are displayed. This simulation game features realistic and accurate physics. It contains straightforward controls such as a steering wheel, accelerometer, indicator lights, and a number of cameras, among other things. The performance of the simulator has been considerably improved thanks to extensive optimization. The game’s visuals and sound effects give the impression that they were created in real life. Discover new places to go, and wander freely in an open-world setting. Stay safe while driving in heavy traffic and try not to wreck your car. To unlock more cool automobiles in the game, you will need to complete daily duties and challenges.

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

Do not worry about a thing in the world as you careen through the enormous and fascinating city that is awaiting your arrival at full speed. Enjoy this racing world to the fullest by destroying your tyres, performing stunts, drifting quickly, and participating in all of the other exciting activities. Installing the game today will allow you to explore the world of your favourite automobiles with real-time dynamics, as well as controls that are smooth and easy to use.

What is extreme car driving simulator mod VIP unlocked /all cars unlocked?

The most recent version of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk has an all-cars-unlocked option, which means that you may immediately drive any of the most cutting-edge automobiles, such as a Tesla or a Porsche, without having to unlock them first. The driving simulation game Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a fantastic option for android users. Drive vehicles that have driving mechanisms that are true to life.

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator All Cars Unlocked Mod VIP Unlocked

Improve both your drifting and driving skills by driving in the same direction as the traffic. It contains the whole actual HUD feature, which monitors rpm as well as gear and speed. The inside of the car has a convincing and flawless appearance. Because this simulator contains an ABS feature, you do not need to use the brake button to stop the car. It comes with TC and ESP simulation, both of which can be disabled according to your preferences. You are free to roam about in a highly detailed open world setting. You may enjoy every view in the game by adjusting the camera angle.

You no longer need to pay real money to learn how to drift, sprint or drive a sports vehicle in order to experience the thrill of racing as the VIP Unlocked applied in the Extreme car driving simulator mod. You won’t have to stop or need to apply your brakes since you’ll be racing against other opponents or going through traffic thanks to the game’s extensive choice of automobiles, realistic mechanics, several tracks, and many other features.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Latest Version

Key Features of Latest/Old Version Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Unlimited Access to Resources

Because this is a modded version of the game, you will have access to an infinite supply of resources without having to pay a single cent for them. The game does not have any locked content at all. The game only has to be installed, and then you may choose any vehicle you want to pilot. Your wealth will grow proportionately to the amount that you spend. You do not need real money to purchase anything in the game, including automobiles, paints, or any other item. Take advantage of these limitless resources even when you are not connected to the internet.

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Unlimited Resources

Cars and other modes

The designers of the extreme auto-driving simulator have given you a wide variety of options in terms of the vehicles you can use to race. You may choose to use your own customised cars or any other type of vehicle you like. You may get the most out of the experience by customising it to your frame of mind by choosing different game modes. The first mode is the free mode, and in it, you have the ability to make all the vehicles in the city disappear and block them altogether.

This makes it possible for you to simply explore the city on a vast scale without the vehicles getting in the way. As you move around the city and investigate its many locations, keep an eye out for buried treasure and prepare to be amazed and thrilled by the secret stuff you uncover in the streets. The next position is the Checkpoint position, and this is the exciting racing mode that will provide you with the thrill that you are looking for in the race. This is the most difficult level, and it begins with a race in which the winner is the person who arrives first at the checkpoint after completing the race.

Cars And Other Modes

You are free to compete in a race driving simulator according to your own standards here. The final option is called Traffic, and it offers the truest-to-life and most realistic simulation of driving that you will ever witness. This mode will present you with a road that is littered with traffic signals, simulating the experience of driving on a real road. In addition to the traffic signals, there will be a variety of cars on the road, further enhancing the feeling that you are driving among actual people and vehicles. If you want to get the most out of your time in the city without having to worry about the police watching your every move, then you should behave appropriately and respect the rules while you walk around.

Beautiful Car Simulator Game

Amazingly Fun Gameplay

In this game, you play the role of a driver, and the vehicles you get to operate have incredible mechanisms. You are able to get a car and drive throughout the game world. On roads, you can drift and perform burnouts. The gameplay is comparable to those of previous driving simulation games; however, the UI has been refined and improved. Because the control configuration is so simple, driving your car is a breeze for you. You can experience new places while you’re behind the wheel of your favourite sports automobile. Instead of only racing, you should try driving in regular traffic and improving your skills. If you drive with courtesy, you’ll rack up more points in the game.

Drifting Flying Car


The inclusion of supercars is an essential component of any racing video game. This is also true of the Extreme Car Driving Simulator game.

In spite of the fact that there are not nearly as many cars in this game as there are in Asphalt 8, according to my evaluation, this game still contains some great supercars. From well-known car manufacturers’ in-house brands, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, to more mainstream automobile manufacturers’ products. AxesInMotion Racing was the one that implemented them all into the game.

Super Cars

On the other hand, this game includes multi-view features when driving, which means that you can gaze from the inside to the outside, as well as top to bottom… Because of this function, you will be able to see your car perform a jig on any street you choose.

One more fascinating aspect is that you are able to customise the colour of the paint on your vehicles.

Legacy Ultimate

Although all of the racing video games are entertaining, the most exciting ones are the ones that accurately simulate the physics of the racing console, which allows the player to feel as though they are actually driving a race car. This game, which is an aggressive automobile driving simulator, gives you access to all of the console’s features, including exact physical dynamics, on your mobile device. The designers of the game have implemented a number of innovative and interesting features that will keep you interested in and hooked on the game’s realistic, user-friendly, and amazing gameplay. You may improve your gaming experience and talents by using the accurate physics principles that were offered by the developers of the extreme car driving simulator. This will allow you to perform fantastic stunts and race over several tracks at the speed of light.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator


Players of the Extreme Car Driving Simulator mod apk will compete in races set in many enticing cities during the course of the game. Players that enter these competitions will face off against other players who are exceptionally powerful and races that are exceptionally challenging. Therefore, our gaming system will provide you with a large number of features to aid players in the process of racing, thereby establishing conditions under which players may make the most of their racing game capabilities. The checkpoint for the Minigame mode will be an extremely adaptable and contemporary design, and it will be offered to the players.

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Large Night City Map

Players who are facing troubles on the track will receive assistance at this checkpoint from players who are essential in the process. There will be a significant amount of updates made to existing elements, including the driving system, which will include citywide traffic modes. You can also be given information regarding gear revs and speed, both of which are variables that will offer you an advantage on challenging racetracks.

The installation mechanism that the application creates also provides the player with the ability to quickly disable any features that are deemed to be unsuitable. When taking part in the actual competitions, participants will also have access to a large number of other game elements and features. 

Realistic Graphics as well as Audio 

In comparison to games that focus on racing, this one has a graphics engine that is, on the whole, quite reliable. The picture is fairly arresting, and it is not difficult to make out, but it is not on par with the well-known driving simulator Bus Simulator Indonesia. However, if you want to be able to play on devices that fall somewhere in the middle, this is a good option. The sound has a lot of life to it; you can make out details like the sound of the engine exploding or the sound of the tyres sliding across the road.

Realistic Graphics As Well As Audio

How to Play the Extreme Car Driving Simulator apk on Your Personal Computer?

The majority of driving simulations suffer from the same issue, which is that there are an excessive number of reasons to stop. There is always a reason to use the brakes, whether it is because of oncoming traffic, other racers, or a large number of obstructions in your path. Not when you’re using the Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Even if you have the option of driving in traffic, it is a lot more exciting to take to the city streets and engage in whatever wild antics your heart desires. Because the people have left and the police are taking a vacation, you and your gorgeous rides are the only ones left. Make money so that you can buy new cars and uncover previously hidden city maps.

Play The Extreme Car Driving Simulator Apk On Your Personal Computer

When using a little mobile device, it’s not very enjoyable to go sightseeing in your very own city. With the newest app from Bluestacks, the Android emulator, you can unleash the full potential of your race car and play games on a larger scale. The use of this utility enables virtually any Android application to be launched on your personal computer, which paves the way for a broad array of different gaming options. Make use of your mouse to take charge of the action and navigate your way to the top of the charts.

Download the latest version/old version of Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK for Android

This game has been out for a considerable amount of time, and it has already garnered the affection of a large number of players. The fact that this game has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play is a staggering number that speaks volumes about how popular it is. If you are tired of competing in speed races, you should download Extreme Car Driving Simulator as soon as possible to give yourself the opportunity to face new obstacles while you are a reckless driver.

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Download Latest Version Or Old Version Of Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK

Editor Review

It’s a fantastic simulator game, and in the Driving Simulator game Mod, you can acquire infinite coins and cashes to use in the game itself. Using these funds, you will be able to acquire all of the cars at no cost to you. You will have an easier time of it as a result of this. Have fun during the game!

My Final View:

I’m hoping by now that you’re having a positive experience with the Extreme Car driving simulator (mod apk) . This is an extremely fun and challenging video game about racing cars. If you download the most recent version of this extreme car driving apk’s MOD, you will never, ever regret your decision. In the event that you are interested in the Old version, you may also get it from the link provided below.

You get unlimited money, and all of the cars in the extreme car driving simulator mod are unlocked for you to drive. I believe that it is sufficient to have in a Simulator game in order to enjoy it

Best Car Driving Simulator Mod Download


Below are some questions and their answers for you, so that it lights you more in-depth about this MOD apk.

What are some of the other options to the game Extreme Car Driving Simulator?

There are a wide variety of different options available, such as the Mobile Bus Simulator mod apk and the Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk, amongst many others. You may get those games by downloading them at Apkvita.com.

What is the size of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk?

This game is approximately 158 megabytes in size. If you wish to download this game without any issues, the device you’re using needs to have a sufficient amount of storage space.

The question is, “Is it safe to download?”

Yes! Because downloading this file does not necessitate having root access, you should feel perfectly comfortable doing so.

How can I download the Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk?

The process is really straightforward; all you need to do is visit our website, get the Mod Apk file for this game, and then install it on your device. After that, you will be able to play this game with an infinite supply of all resources.

Hey, enjoy the extreme gold fest🤑, you just need to find them with your favorite car.

- Added Gamepad support 🎮
- Added Chromebook support 💻

And that's not all! We have fixed tons of bugs and stability issues😏

Download ( 151.37 MB)

You are now ready to download Extreme Car Driving Simulator for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
1/5 - (2 votes)

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