Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk v3.7.1 Download  [Unlimited Money| Unlocked All Bus]

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk v3.7.1 Download [Unlimited Money| Unlocked All Bus]

The Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK [Unlimited Money/RP] can be downloaded from our website right now. Additional Simulator games are available for download here. Therefore, you shouldn't pass up this

Android Android 5.0Games
4.3 ( 525 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Bus Simulator Indonesia
Publisher Maleo
Genre Games
Size 318.49 MB
Version 3.7.1
Update June 22, 2021
MOD MOD, Unlimited Fuel
Get it On Google Play
Bus Simulator Indonesia is the most famous version in the Bus Simulator Indonesia series of publisher Maleo
Mod Version 3.7.1
Total installs 50,000,000

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The Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK [Unlimited Money/RP] can be downloaded from our website right now. Additional Simulator games are available for download here. Therefore, you shouldn’t pass up this opportunity to acquire MOD APK.

You may enjoy free shopping and unlimited money in the Bus Simulator Indonesia APK game if you download the Bus Simulator Indonesia APK MOD.

How well Bus Indonesia Simulator Indonesia Apk is?

It provides the most realistic simulation possible of driving a bus in Indonesia for anyone who wants to experience a different way of life by working as a bus driver in this beautiful country when they are not physically present in Indonesia but still want to visit the country. Bus driver duties include picking up passengers and delivering them to a variety of stops. The game is a lot more entertaining when the roads are realistic and correct. At the same time, you can have a fantastic time behind the wheel of a range of various automobiles by driving them.

You will be a bus driver on a full-time basis. In light of this, android gamers will find themselves juggling their time between work and play as they attempt to complete a variety of tasks within the game. The fact that you are required to adhere to the laws and standards that are now in effect in the country is the initial obstacle that you will face. This incredible game allows you to work, play, and enjoy yourself as a full-time bus driver all at the same time by having you go to various destinations across the country. This game gives you the opportunity to travel across Indonesia in a manner that is really authentic.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk
Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

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The fact that the Bus Simulator Indonesia APK mod is arranged in a catalogue of driving simulators makes for a more straightforward gameplay experience. You will get a firsthand look at what it’s like to work as a bus driver, particularly in Indonesia. Carry passengers across the entirety of the country, go anywhere, and investigate any location. Despite the fact that the driving simulation in this game is not the greatest available, receiving more than 1.1 million good reviews was no simple feat. This demonstrates without a doubt that the game possesses excellent features and offers an exciting user experience. The game currently has a community of more than 49 million players, and it has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, making it eligible for inclusion on the list of the highest positive games.

Where to download Bus simulator Indonesia mod apk + Obb file

Are you looking for Bus simulator Indonesia Mod apk and obb files to download? If the answer is yes, then you have nothing to worry about. You have successfully reached the correct website. We will give you the most recent version of the Indonesia Bus Simulation game’s mod apk as well as its OBB file right here on this page of the Apkvita.com website. You will also receive an unlimited amount of money and all buses will be unlocked for use.

Download Indonesia Bus Simulator OBB File And Mod Apk
Download Indonesia Bus Simulator OBB File And Mod Apk

What exactly is this thing called the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK?

The Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod unlocks all of the game’s currencies and resources for you to use at your leisure. You are able to acquire everything without making any payments. You have the option of purchasing any bus in the game. You now have access to all of the levels, as well as all of the buses. Using these limitless resources, you can purchase buses and bring their level up to the maximum possible.

This modded version of the game allows you to play without requiring a data connection, and all advertisements have been fully disabled. You are free to shop wherever you like, and you do not need to pay for any of the things. It will not be necessary for you to acquire coins in order to purchase products because you will have unlimited coins.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Unlimited RP Download 1
Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Unlimited Money Download

Bus Simulator Indonesia Featuring Silumation for Challenging Driving Experiences

If you want to learn more about this game, please read this blog. In addition to exploring the breathtaking scenery of Indonesia, players will be responsible for transporting passengers to various bus terminals throughout the country. The route is predetermined for each activity; all you need to do is follow it as closely as possible, pick up passengers at certain bus stops, and deliver guests to the venue of their choosing. You will receive bonuses as well as rating points from the system. It is your driving skills that will determine your rating and reward points, as well as whether or not you are eligible to take part in the worldwide ranking board system. What should you do if you don’t feel like finishing the jobs that you have to perform in order to be able to travel across Indonesia but you still want to make some money so that you can do it? Oh, the only thing is that I’ll offer you a solution to the problem.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk Mod
Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk Mod

To get started, launch the map and select the “Choose Route” option from the menu. Shortly after that, a small board will appear, on which you will have the option to customise your path by beginning at one location and terminating at another. When you have decided which way to go, a crimson line will appear on the map to show you which is the most efficient option for you to travel. Additionally, the system will automatically calculate the distance for you to travel. Consider, for instance, the journey from Malang to Surabaya, which starts at Terminal Orjosari and concludes at Purabaya Terminal in both directions. If you came to this country but did not see the ancient city of Yogyakarta, you were missing out on a significant part of the experience.

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The gameplay of the Modified Version of Bus Simulator Indonesia with Unlimited Money

Now it’s time to talk about how you actually play this game. This iteration of the game features more thrilling elements. Buses are quite interesting vehicles, but we hardly ever pay attention to them. Although they are lengthy, they are capable of moving at a rapid pace on highways as well as on routes that are more congested. On a regular basis, we interact with them and even ride some of them. Have you ever entertained the thought of getting behind the wheel of one? You may have a fascination with buses, but despite this, you have never had the chance to really drive one in real life because opportunities like this simply do not exist. But what if you could complete the task while you were engaged in a game? The game Bus Simulator Indonesia is a simulation of a bus driving around a city picking up passengers and delivering them to their destinations. You will be responsible for picking up passengers along the route and delivering them to their respective destinations if you are hired to operate a bus.

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Bus Simulator Indonesia Latest Version 1
Bus Simulator Indonesia Latest Version 1

Driving isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but it may be fun! You can get behind the wheel of a number of the different bus makes and models that are common in Indonesia as you play this game. You will also have an easy-to-use control scheme that includes wipers, a number of different camera perspectives, warning lights, turn signals, headlights, brake, steering wheel, accelerator,  and doors, among other features. You’ll get an accurate representation of what it’s like to operate a bus if you play this game. In addition, you can personalise your vehicles and participate in online multiplayer convoys while playing this game.

Inviting your friends to act out the role of the bus driver and embarking on an insane journey over the towns and mountains of Indonesia are both excellent ideas. You have the opportunity to explore a number of well-known and authentic locations in Indonesia while playing this game. You have the option of personalising it by painting it, changing the wheels, and even transforming it into a double-decker bus! You have complete freedom to act any way you like while riding a bus in this game.

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Key Highlights of Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

If you are prepared to get started and are interested in learning more about the features that this Bus simulator APK offers, continue reading the article that follows. At the end, you will get the download link of the said apk.


Some of the most popular games on the market feature high-resolution 3D visuals and extensive post-production techniques like simulation or physical collision handling. It is typically quite a substantial amount of data. Therefore, in order to enjoy an experience that is entirely seamless, the device you use must have excellent specifications and a significant amount of storage space in order for the application to be installed and function correctly without any kind of lag or malfunction. However, you won’t need to be concerned about this issue because the game still manages to provide you with the most enjoyable gaming experience despite the fact that its pictures have been compressed to the greatest possible level. Despite this, the graphics in the game are clear and crisp. One of the advantages of playing this game is that even players with older smartphones won’t experience any lag while they’re playing it.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Graphics
Bus Simulator Indonesia Graphics

Simple Controls

The game’s controls are made more fantastic and accessible by their simplicity and ease of use. This game has a straightforward control scheme, making it simple to understand for players of any level of experience. Even complete novices can quickly become accustomed to exercising control. You may start driving your bus by pressing the accelerator, and you can use the arrow keys to manoeuvre it left and right. Touch displays have controls that are finely tuned and responsive to touch. Altering the camera angle is another thing you can do to make the driving experience even more enjoyable.

Unlimited Money

The endless money script that is included with Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk enables you to make an unlimited amount of in-game RPs, which you can then spend on anything you choose in the game.  In this game, you may use these RPs to buy drivers, and there are four different drivers available for purchase: Bayu, Gilang, Mulyono, and Annisa, with values ranging from 1 million INR to 20 million INR respectively. As a consequence of this, you will be able to spend RPs to purchase these drivers and even improve your buses to make them go faster and have stronger breaks.

Unlimited Money 1
Unlimited Money

Aside from that, the most recent version of Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk includes an exhaust feature for the bus, making it the most recent version available. In this game, you can use the exhaust to get the bus’s maximum speed up to approximately 125 miles per hour (200 kilometres per hour). In addition, these RPs sell unending supplies of exhaust and an unlimited supply of cranes. In order to purchase anything in the game, you are required to make use of this feature at least once.

Indonesian Buses

Due to the fact that this game is all about driving buses in Indonesia, there are a lot of Indonesian buses included in the game. You may buy those buses and then make modifications to them so that they appear even cooler. Fix up and upgrade the driving capabilities of the buses.

You can even launch your own company while playing the game. Transport passengers on these buses across the real cities and countryside of Indonesia. All of these buses have valid licences, and their designs are based on those of actual Indonesian public transportation.

Indonesia Buses Unlocked
Indonesia Buses Unlocked

No Ads

This video game does not have any advertisements that could make playing it a frustrating experience for you. You won’t have to deal with any annoying pop-ups or video advertising while playing this game because that kind of advertisement has been disabled. There is a possibility that the regular advertisements that appear in other versions of the game will not be included in this one.

Free to Download

In any event, downloading this game won’t cost you a single cent. To play it on your smartphone, all you need to do is go to the official website and click on the “Download” button. This game is completely free and will not cost you a dime.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk
Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk

Maps featuring realistic details and meticulously drawn layouts

In addition, those of you who are interested will definitely be wowed by the game’s stunning maps. You are welcome to investigate the in-game traffic, which features realistic road structures, an exhaustive traffic signal and sign system, and a variety of autos that fill the street whenever you ride your preferred bus. Because of the clever artificial intelligence, other cars will have the ability to drive as if they were on the street. In addition, the straightforward Weather system will improve the realism of your rides and the fun you get out of them. This is because the dynamic weather allows you to completely submerge yourself in the fantastic in-game surroundings.

Passenger Pickup Bus Simulator
Passenger Pickup Bus Simulator

Strict Traffic Rules

To begin, in order to avoid getting into problems, you need to make sure that you are abiding by all of the traffic rules that are listed in the game. When you’re behind the wheel of a bus, you have complete command over every aspect of the vehicle, but this isn’t the case in Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk. If you break the regulations of the road, the police will locate you and they may take away your driving privileges. Because of this, it is imperative that you comply with all applicable traffic laws. In addition, you will be required to pull over if the light changes to red and switch the headlights on whenever it gets dark in the morning. In addition to this, stay in your lane and do not make any unnecessary lane changes.

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Bus Simulator Traffic
Bus Simulator Traffic

Modify the Path Depending on the Weather

You probably did not give much thought to the possibility of encountering dangerous weather while travelling. As a result, we feel it necessary to notify you that, yes, you should prepare for the worst possible weather conditions, as you will be travelling through a cycle that includes rain, snow, sun, and the entire day and night. On the other hand, you have the ability to change the weather in Bus Simulator to reflect your preferences.

100 different buses

The fact that there are over 100 distinct types of vehicles available for you to drive in this game, each of which has a distinct appearance, ensures that you will have a good time no matter how long you spend engaging in this activity.

Different Bus Options
Different Bus Options

Make modifications to your bus.

In addition to a varied bus system, Bus Simulator Indonesia developed a feature that allows for in-depth modification of gameplay elements.

If you go to the Upgrade, you will see that you can replace several aspects of your vehicle, such as the rims, tyres, paint colours, headlights, speakers, interior, and exterior. You have more than 30 products to choose from when it comes to replacing or adding to the interior and outside system. From the headlights to the beacon lights to the turn signals to the wheel mudflap to the decorative flash to the protection panels to the dashboard to the interior curtains.

All Type Of Bus Simulator Unlocked Everything
All Type Of Bus Simulator Unlocked Everything

These things are, for the most part, relatively affordable, with prices ranging anywhere from 10,000 Rp to 85,000 Rp. If, on the other hand, you want your vehicle to have a different appearance, you will need to spend a significant amount of money because there are hundreds of components involved.

The game will prompt you to download the appropriate packages in order to make certain unique adjustments. For instance, altering the colour of the car is one of the numerous customization possibilities available in Bus Simulator Indonesia. In addition, you can select the game’s background music or place a decal on your device that contains a media file (Photos, audio). The fact that there are no games that simulate riding a bus is a glaring omission from the market.

Multiplayer with support for up to 16 people

Your moment to shine has finally come. It is possible for numerous players to compete against one another in Bus Simulator Indonesia’s multiplayer mode, which lets them find out who will emerge victoriously.

Multiplayer Mode
Multiplayer Mode

Multiple real-life scenarios

Do you want to experience something different each time you play? No issue. The addition of Bus Simulator Indonesia provides not only two fantastic landscapes on which players can discover a wide variety of new locations but also realistic weather conditions, such as rain and snow, which give even more depth to an already incredible game.


In spite of the fact that it is the best Bus Simulation Game, Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk mod has a few flaws, which may be summarised as follows:

• Authentic Indonesian cities and locations • User-friendly control layout • Realistic graphics and visual effects • Highly optimised


After the installation is finished, you should upgrade the device’s storage.

How to Download and Install the Modified Version of the Bus Simulator Indonesia APK [All Features Have Been Unlocked]

Because of the website ApkVita.com, obtaining video games and mobile applications has never been simpler. When you first get to the website, the option to download is located at the very top of the page. At this point, all that is required of you is to click the download button. After that, the APK file will begin downloading to your mobile device immediately. You may get a detailed walkthrough on how to install and download the game at this location. If you want to have fun with the game, just do what the instructions say.

All New Bus Simulation Indonesia Download Apk
All New Bus Simulation Indonesia Download Apk

1. Go to the ApkVita.com website and get the APK file that has been well compressed.

2. Launch the File Manager app and navigate to the location of the game file you just downloaded.

3. If you run into any problems during the installation process, go to the settings menu and make sure “Unknown Sources” is checked.

4. After a brief pause, select the install option by tapping on it.

5. Once the installation is finished, you may use the app by clicking on its icon.

6. Relaunch the Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK and then restart the game.

Your Android device is now set up and ready for you to play the game on it. The download for your various devices may be completed in a snap.

How to Download and Install Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK on Your Computer?

Installing the Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK on a personal computer is a pretty simple process. You have the option of using Bluestacks or NOX player to do this task. This is the procedure to follow.

All Weather Conditions
All Weather Conditions

1. To begin, you will need to go to the official website of Bluestacks, which is an android emulator, and download and install it on your personal computer. This will allow you to utilise any mobile application on your personal computer.

2. Once you have completed the installation of the emulator, you will need to visit our website to obtain the modified APK.

3. Once you have downloaded the file, you will need to either run it or select the “Import From Windows” button in order to complete the installation.

4. Following the completion of the installation, click the “launch” button, and you will be ready to go.

My final say about Bus Simulator Indonesia

The game Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK is one that you should play at least once since it has a lot to offer. It comes highly recommended by a large number of users as well as everyone on our staff. You may download this game by following the link that is provided on this page if you are interested in doing so. Please take the time to provide us with your insightful thoughts and let us know how you feel about the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Unlimited Money
Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Unlimited Money


Here are some frequently asked questions which you may have and i provided their answers.

In the bus simulator indonesia, what are the steps to creating a route?

Start up the creator when you want to construct a new route, and then mark the sites on the map. If your bus needs to perform a U-turn or a sharp turn, it will not be able to stop at all of the bus stops it normally does. There are a total of 15 different paths that can be taken. Each one of them has the potential to be driven by a different individual.

In Bus Simulator, what are the steps to unlocking additional routes?

In order to complete the first objective, you will need to paint your bus, drive your bus at night, establish two new routes, and expand current routes. You may do all of this in fifteen minutes and gain one hundred thirty thousand points.

- fix traffic lamp glitch on PowerVR gpu
- various bug fixes

- new city and surabaya updated
- trailer supports in vehicle mod
- graphical improvements & optimization:
-- realtime reflections
-- road wear
-- improved lighting & shader

Download ( 318.49 MB)

You are now ready to download Bus Simulator Indonesia for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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