Police Quad 4 x 4 simulator 3D: Download The Game & Catch All The Bad Guys And Bring Them To Justice!

Police Quad 4x4 Simulator 3D

Imagine the scene of your city without police. Are you seeing dacoits, murders or victims everywhere or visualizing a peaceful community? I think the latter option is quite difficult without police. Isn’t it? Well, It’s undeniable that the role of police is very important in crime prevention which in turn involves lots of hardships. Google play store has Police Quad 4 x 4 simulator 3D app that gives you the opportunity to step into the shoes of corps and experiencing a load of responsibility on their shoulders.

Blades And Rings: A Medieval Fantasy 3D MMORPG Mobile Game!

Blades And Rings

Blades and Rings is a medieval fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game. In this game, you need to travel the homelands of elves, dwarfs, orcs etc in order to acquire 27 rings. This game is designed to provide you with the action-packed experience. According to this game, you need to travel the whole world and collect the 27 rings to save the world. During your journey to the world, you will encounter certain monsters or evil creatures of that world and you have to make your way out through various obstacles and hurdles that come in your way.

Bold Moves: Brand New Game That Challenges You To Solve Captivating Puzzles!

Bold Moves

Puzzle games are best for mental exercise. There’re countless puzzle games on Android store but Bold Moves is the unique puzzle game with high level of fun and entertainment. The game is so interesting that you soon you become addictive of playing it. Talking about the game plot, it has dubbing of Oprah’s favorite thing and players have to solve certain puzzles, collect colors and solve the various phrases to make secret quotes.

Slash Mobs: Download The Game & Learn New Skills And Abilities To Defeat The Enemy!

Slash Mobs

The danger of Mutant mobs is all around and you’re the one who is responsible to save the world from such insane monsters. This is the game plot of Slash Mobs Android game wherein you’ve to show your heroic skills and smash the monsters out of the world. Slash Mobs for Android is very interesting and lively game, wherein you’ve to go at extreme levels to rescue the world from the grip of these mutant mobs.

Bridge by NeuralPlay: Download The Game & Become A Master In Playing Cards!

Bridge by NeuralPlay

Playing cards is probably one of the golden memories of our childhood when we used to sit and play with our friends the fun was something else which we can’t express in words. Perhaps the craze for playing cards is still same in because it is one of the best indoor playing games of all time as it does not require any types of equipment the only thing you want to start this game is a bunch of 52 cards. Now the same fun and amusement you will experience while playing Bridge for android.